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SF Immigrant Rights & Youth Lead Organizer

– San Francisco, California
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SF Immigrant Rights and Youth Lead Organizer

Job Description

The SF Immigrant Rights and Youth Lead Organizer will be responsible for supporting our base-building work and organizing campaigns for immigrant rights and youth justice in San Francisco. This organizer will create programs, trainings, internships and leadership opportunities for our youth leaders.

Responsibilities will include supporting the organizing campaign; sustaining, coordinating and implementing our Know Your Rights trainings infrastructure as well as recruiting and involving long term youth members in campaign work. Responsibilities include representing the organization in coalitions, furthering our rights-based service model, and furthering the CJJC mission and vision externally. The organizer will coordinate our youth programming around Know Your Rights Training with school site partners, and will support member recruitment, retention and leadership development and lead this for our youth membership. This organizer works under the Community Rights team at CJJC, building community power against the criminalization of Black, Latino immigrants and youth community members.

Our ideal candidate has a strong grounding in youth organizing, curriculum development, and facilitation. In addition, they need to be effective in working and building with our membership and base, as well as coordinating other staff and working with a variety of external allies.  Spanish/English bilingual capacity needed.


Qualifications and Experience required:

- At least 2 years experience working with youth of color in base building and policy advocacy work, or 2 years working with Black and Latino communities in a base building capacity

- Curriculum development / experience designing political education for youth (bonus if able to do this in Spanish as well)

- Strong facilitation experience with similar base to ours

- Ability to produce educational materials for youth in both English and Spanish

- Experience working with teams, in service-based collaborations or political coalitions

- Experience working with parents, teachers, school administrators

- High level of personal organization, work planning and follow through

- Grounded in Bay Area political and community conditions

- Fully bilingual in English & Spanish -- able to speak, write, and interpret fluently

We are hiring for a full-time position ideally starting April 1, 2019 (possibility for earlier start).

Salary: starting at $48,000 yearly with possibility to negotiate depending on experience. Position includes generous benefits package including vacation, PTO, holidays, full medical, dental, vision and Health Savings Account.

People of color, young organizers, immigrants, women, trans* and queer people are strongly encouraged to apply.

Job responsibilities include:


Support organizing campaigns and youth base building in organizing campaigns: 30%

  • Develop an understanding of the political landscape of the immigrant rights and youth movements

  • Responsible for supervision, development and training of youth interns

  • Support the development and carrying out of campaign plans with 3 other Community Rights lead staff; work to identify opportunities for programmatic collaboration

  • Responsible for youth member turnout and mobilization to campaign activities

  • Maintain ongoing communication with youth members around campaign work including regular phone banking and one on ones

  • Responsible for supporting members in campaign activities and campaign leadership roles

  • Work with the Immigrant Rights organizer to plan and implement all aspects of the San Francisco campaign meetings, including – logistics, content, outreach / turnout and evaluation

  • Support campaign development and implementation work as directed by the Community Right director(s), including – research, plan writing, evaluations and political development etc.   


Coordinate and develop youth specific campaign/ member development spaces: 15%

  • Responsible for developing programing for personal and collective political development and organizing skills of our SF youth member committee.

  • Coordinate and staff member youth campaign committee; coordinate youth outings

  • Recruit, retain and develop youth members in campaign committee

  • Work with Community Right staff to shape E4LS (Education 4 Liberation Summer) 4-5 week summer program, collaborating on content and schedule

  • With the help of SF Immigrant Rights organizer, develop best practices to engage whole families in the Community Rights campaigns and in the organization

  • Develop and expand our intergenerational organizational model


Staff Supervision: 5%

  • Responsible for creating work plan for and supervising the San Francisco Immigrant Rights Organizer

  • Attend CJJC’s supervisor support and training spaces


Coordinate Know Your Rights Trainings and Rights-based service work: 15%

  • Develop/Implement system to schedule Know Your Rights Trainings with Schools and community partners.

  • Responsible for planning and facilitating “know your rights trainings” in San Francisco with the San Francisco Immigrant Legal and Education Network.

  • Facilitate 2 Know your Rights Trainings per month

  • Follow-up, recruitment and retention work after trainings to build a youth base

  • Responsible for tracking and reporting outcomes of these trainings to the rest of the organization and our funders


Immigrant Rights Rapid Responder: 15%

  • Provide case management to SF Residents impacted by immigration enforcement and mass deportation

  • Take shifts on our 24hr Rapid Response Hotline

  • Support Rapid Response efforts including: ICE incident verification, legal referrals intakes and detention accompaniment


Build alliances: 10%

  • Represent organization in immigrant rights policy coalitions in SF and contribute a youth  lens to our immigrant rights policy work

  • Represent organization in the San Francisco Immigrant Legal & Education Network

  • Build relationships with other immigrant rights, labor and faith-based organizations


Media and Communications and General Organizational Support: 10%

  • Coordinate with Communications Coordinator around communications needs for the immigrant rights campaign

  • Provide bilingual materials about campaign events reports to be shared with our staff, members and supporters.

  • Responsible for providing the rest of the organization (members and staff) with relevant, ongoing updates about the work of our various coalition as well as working with the Communications Coordinator to identify the most effective methods / forms of communication

  • Attend Program Lead team meetings and serve as a team liaison to CJJC’s Oakland Community Rights team

  • Support the overall development and implementation of Recruitment, Retention and Leadership plans in the organization through participation in CJJC Program Leads team

  • Participate in base building, activities, actions, organizing drives for other program areas at CJJC (including civic engagement work) as needed.

  • Participate in CJJC’s Language Capacity team, providing written translation and simultaneous interpretation.

  • Participate in organizational meetings, provide leadership and organizational integration in all aspects of CJJC.

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