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Executive Coordinator

Admin – Oakland, California
Department Admin
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Entry-level

Organizational Mission

Causa Justa :: Just Cause [CJJC] builds grassroots power and leadership to create strong, equitable communities. Born from a visionary merger between a Black housing rights organization and a Latinx immigrant rights organization, we build bridges of solidarity between working class communities of color. Through rights-based services, policy campaigns, civic engagement, and direct action, we improve conditions in our neighborhoods in Oakland and San Francisco and contribute to building the larger multi-racial, multi-generational movement needed for fundamental change.

Political Context

Causa Justa :: Just Cause was born on January 1, 2010, motivated by a vision of building grassroots solidarity between working class African American and Latino communities in the Bay Area. We believe that Black-Brown unity is foundational for the development of a vibrant grassroots movement, and that building that unity is crucial work, now more than ever as our communities face the worst effects of the political and economic crisis.

After the election of the Trump administration, Causa Justa :: Just Cause has been working towards a practice and reflection on Sanctuary Cities for the 21st Century.  The Sanctuary concept has been attacked and targeted by the right wing in this political moment. Rather than limiting the concept of Sanctuary to a policy of non-collaboration with ICE, the social movement left has the opportunity to reclaim and reframe Sanctuary, deepening its meaning as a frontline defense for our communities and broadening its impact as a strategy to build left populism in society as a whole.  Our work has its strongest impact at the municipal level, where civic engagement work, grassroots policy change and community organizing campaigns, and candidate work (which our organization does not do, but is important to note as part of the field we work in) intersect. Cities are our base of power, that can grow stronger and have statewide impact pushing California to the left which will have national significance.

Position Summary

CJJC is hiring for a full-time, non-exempt position. The primary role of the Executive Coordinator is to support the Executive Director and the Directors Team.  This position will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operations of the Directors Team and will support the scheduling and planning necessary for the success of the Program Director and Executive Director.  The Administration Team includes Administration Lead, Operations Coordinator, Technology Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator and Administration Director. The Executive Coordinator will be supervised by the Executive Director and will work closely with both the Directors Team and the Executive Director to ensure that there is consistency, follow-through and accountability to deadlines and work plans.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities

-> Provide scheduling and organization support to the Executive Director

  • Serve as a primary point of contact for scheduling all meetings for the Executive Director and the Program Director

  • Assist the Executive Director with managing various communications including responding to email and phone messages in a timely manner

  • Produce and manage all aspects of the Executive Director’s daily schedule including a system for providing reminders, supporting logistics, preparation for meetings, etc.

  • Assist the Executive Director in prioritizing key work and meetings

  • Assist the Executive Director in developing and maintaining a personal filing, tracking and work space organization system

  • Assist the Executive Director in preparing and submitting financial expense reports and reimbursements

-> Provide scheduling and travel support to the Directors Team (DT)

  • Support Directors in scheduling internal meetings with each other regarding Directors Team business

  • Support the travel logistics for the Executive Director and Directors Team

-> Leads government contract invoicing process

  • Maintain schedule of government invoice deadlines and communicate deadlines to Finance Director (or temp Financial Manager)

  • Work with Finance and Development Director to finalize contract budgets for each new cycle, and to complete contract budget revisions as needed

  • Survey government contract spending on a quarterly basis and report to Finance Director and Development Director if contract spending is over or under budget

-> Miscellaneous Organizational Support

  • Active and regular participation and contributions to political education and leadership development spaces

  • Participates in collective labor for shared office spaces (ex do your office chore)

  • Manage weekly work plan and regular internal & external communications,

-> Program Support

  • All CJJC staff is expected to support our core work of grassroots community organizing. This may include supporting community members' activities, supporting meeting and event logistics, and participating in voter education and grassroots fundraising.

Preferred Skills and Qualifications

  • Strong commitment to social, gender, racial and economic justice and alignment with CJJC vision and mission

  • Excellent personal organization and time management skills

  • Basic computer skills – familiarity with Word, Excel and web browsers required and Google Calendar & Google Drive, graphic design programs &/or social media platforms preferred

  • Good attention to detail; detail-oriented

  • Self-motivated - proven ability to work independently

  • Ability to work well with diverse groups and populations

  • Strong problem-solving skills

Hiring Details

  • Starting salary: $45,000 - $48,000, negotiable depending on experience.  Position includes generous benefits package including vacation, PTO, holidays, full medical, dental, vision and Health Savings Account.

  • Position open until filled. People of color, immigrants, women, trans* and queer people are strongly encouraged to apply. 

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